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Optics and photonics play an important role in science and technology, providing a versatile infrastructure for discovery on the one hand, and start-of-the-art optoelectronic devices for communications, medicine and security on the other. One of the group’s primary research interests is to explore the physical mechanism that are responsible for energy efficient electronics and light-harvesting materials. Research in the Ultrafast Nanophotonics Group prepares students for highly skilled careers in optics and photonics technologies.

Photonics is the study of light-matter interactions and is one of the many areas of science that has benefited from the invention of the laser. Lasers are intense, directional and coherent light sources that can probe, modify and control the optical and electronic properties of matter. Our group exploits laser light to explore novel materials and nanostructures on timescales that are short enough to track the dynamics of the optical excitations. By combining ultrafast and ultrasmall we are able to probe quantum mechanics. For further information, please click on research. Our laser lab can also be viewed in a 360 virtual tour. (To get to the lab video, find the White Hall link (on the left hand side) and select the 360 tour from the bottom selection of media.)

The group is a part of the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics at West Virginia University and Marshall University.

Group Photo 2011-07

Group picture outside WVU Library (Sept 2014) Felix Passman (from TU Dortmund), Brian Wilmer, Alan Bristow, Tess Senty, Brandon Yost, Derek Bas and Scott Cushing from left to right. See older group photos.

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